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The photosensitiser 132-hydroxy bacteriopheophorbide a-methylester (132-OH-BPME) is characterised by a high absorption coefficient at the far red wavelength 750 nm and a good singlet oxygen quantum yield. The pharmacokinetics of 132-OH-BPME was studied on the Lewis lung carcinoma in mice after i.v. administration of 5 mg/kg body weight at different(More)
In Study 1, sixteen 6 1/2-month-olds were habituated to a Reversible stimulus (an upright face that could be perceived as an entirely different upright face when it was rotated 180 degrees) and to a Nonreversible stimulus (a face that could be perceived as upright in only one orientation). Following habituation for each type of stimulus, test trials paired(More)
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