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AXIOM 1'. There exists a countable sequence Gi, G2, Gz, • • • such that (a) for each n, Gn is a collection of domains covering space, (b) if P± and P2 are distinct points of a domain R, there exists an integer d such that if n>d and Kn is a domain containing Pi and belonging to Gn, then ~Kn is a subset of R — P2, and (c) if Ri, R2, Rzy • • • is a sequence(More)
Following implant of cotton thread-carrying 3-methyl-cholanthrene into the pancreas tissue of 90 C57BL/6 and 60 BALB/c mice, 13 developed ductal adenocarcinomas. Two of these tumors, both of C57BL/6 origin (Pane 02 and 03), were estab lished in serial s.c. transplant. Pane 02 was treated with 37 different anticancer drugs representing all of the chemical(More)
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