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Acombined RFLP and AFLP linkage map of an F6 recombinant inbred population, which was derived from a previously mapped F2 of a cross between the two drought resistant upland rice varieties Bala and Azucena, is presented. The map contains 101 RFLP and 34 AFLP markers on 17 linkage groups covering 1680 cM. Also presented is the approximate mapping position of(More)
Atmospheric rivers (ARs) are a dominantmechanism for generating intense wintertime precipitation along the U.S. West Coast. While studies over the past 10 years have explored the impact of ARs in, and west of, California’s Sierra Nevada and the Pacific Northwest’s Cascade Mountains, their influence on the weather across the intermountain west remains an(More)
A multiscale analysis is conducted in order to examine the physical processes that resulted in prolonged heavy rainfall and devastating flash flooding across western and central Tennessee and Kentucky on 1–2 May 2010, during which Nashville, Tennessee, received 344.7 mm of rainfall and incurred 11 flood-related fatalities. On the synoptic scale, heavy(More)
Results of a five-year research study on natural attenuation processes in a wetland, located downgradient of a sour gas processing plant in central Alberta, Canada, show that natural attenuation may present a favourable remedial solution. Both free-phase and dissolved phase condensate have been discharging to the wetland since 1984. This condensate is(More)
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