B. J. M. Arts

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Cattle in the Kempen area (in the province North-Brabant, the Netherlands) were investigated for cadmium, lead, zinc, and copper in livers and kidneys. The animals originated from farms located within a 20 km radius around several zinc refinery plants. The local soil is polluted with zinc and cadmium because of a thermal refining process used in the(More)
This paper argues that a discursive shift is taking place in Dutch water policy, from ‘a battle against water’ to ‘living with water’ or ‘accommodating water’. Yet we ask ourselves whether this shift is just an adaptation strategy of the existing elite group of water managers, who pay lip-service to new management approaches in order to maintain their(More)
s of papers NUTRITION A POTENTIALLY INTERFERING FACTOR IN TOXICITY RESEARCH A.C. Beynen 1,2 and G.W. Mei~er l The composition of the diet and feeding practice can influence the outebme of toxicity tests. There is considerable variation in the composition of commercial diets for laboratory rodents. This variation refers to differences between diets from(More)
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