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The efficacy of a multivalent Pasteurella haemolytica vaccine (A1, A2, T10) in reducing morbidity and mortality associated with pneumonic pasteurellosis in bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) was examined. Fifteen captive bighorns were divided equally into three treatment groups based on vaccination status: control (no vaccination), one dose 10 days prior to(More)
We assessed the potential for embedded steel and tungsten-bismuth-tin (TBT) shot to adversely affect health of mallards (Anas platyrhynchos). Ducks were implanted with three number four steel (n = 19) or TBT (n = 20) shot pellets in their pectoral muscles. None of seven hematology parameters measured differed in response to treatment (P > or = 0.17). At(More)
We examined the effects of simulated stress on susceptibility of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis canadensis) neutrophils to Pasteurella haemolytica leukotoxin in a blocked, crossover experiment. Ten captive-raised bighorn sheep were sampled 10 hr after separate administrations of long-acting adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH) gel and normal(More)
Degenerate ground-state conjugated polymers exhibit large third-order nonlinear optical susceptibilities, including substantial two-photon absorption. With the use of a machine architecture suited to these material properties, ultrafast optical processors are possible. A four-wave mixing optical correlator was built with an air-stable, processable,(More)
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