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A fast calculation method for computer generation of cylindrical holograms is proposed. The calculation method is based on wave propagation in spectral domain and in cylindrical co-ordinates, which is otherwise similar to the angular spectrum of plane waves in cartesian co-ordinates. The calculation requires only two FFT operations and hence is much faster.(More)
A fast calculation method for computer generation of spherical holograms in proposed. This method is based on wave propagation defined in spectral domain and in spherical coordinates. The spherical wave spectrum and transfer function were derived from boundary value solutions to the scalar wave equation. It is a spectral propagation formula analogous to(More)
A computer simulation technique for generating Fourier holograms using the Fraunhofer diffraction formula is discussed. These generated Fourier holograms were verified for optical reconstruction after printing them on to films and the results were compared with the simulated reconstruction. A detailed analysis was done on the computation and optical(More)
Simulated reconstruction of a three-dimensional (3D) object in 360° from cylindrical hologram is proposed. The simulation is done using a fast calculation method, where wave propagation in spectral domain and in cylindrical coordinates is used to generate the cylindrical hologram of a 3D object. The same procedure is followed to reconstruct the object back.(More)
The relation between a three-dimensional (3D) object and its diffracted wavefront in the 3D Fourier space is discussed at first and then a rigorous diffraction formula onto cylindrical surfaces is derived. The azimuthal direction and the spatial frequency direction corresponding to height can be expressed with a one-dimensional (1D) convolution integral and(More)
A method has been proposed to reduce the communication overhead in computer-generated hologram (CGH) calculations on parallel and distributed computing devices. The method uses the shifting property of Fourier transform to decompose calculations, thereby avoiding data dependency and communication. This enables the full potential of parallel and distributed(More)
We propose ultra-high resolution optical coherence tomography to study the morphological development of internal organs in medaka fish in the post-embryonic stages at micrometer resolution. Different stages of Japanese medaka were imaged after hatching in vivo with an axial resolution of 2.8 µm in tissue. Various morphological structures and organs(More)
A new phase shifting digital holographic technique using a purely geometric phase in Michelson interferometric geometry is proposed. The geometric phase in the system does not depend upon either optical path length or wavelength, unlike dynamic phase. The amount of geometric phase generated is controllable through a rotating wave plate. The new approach has(More)
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