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Today's lifecycle of new and emerging products, increase in labour costs in developed countries and user's expectations or behaviours including frequently upgrading items with latest features, influence the growth rate of product disposal to landfill. To reduce the negative impact on the environment, global manufacturers need to take responsibility for(More)
Molecular dynamics simulations of a fluid-phase dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine lipid bilayer in water and of neat hexadecane are reported and compared with nuclear magnetic resonance spin-lattice relaxation and quasi-elastic neutron scattering data. On the 100-picosecond time scale of the present simulations, there is effectively no difference in the(More)
Molecular mechanics and dynamics calculations were carried out on the disaccharides alpha-L-Rhap-(1-->2)-alpha-L-Rhap-(1-->OMe) (1) and alpha-L-Rhap-(1-->3)-alpha-L-Rhap-(1-->OMe) (2), and the trisaccharide alpha-L-Rhap-(1-->2)-alpha-L-Rhap-(1--> 3)-alpha-L-Rhap-(1-->OMe) (3). The semiflexible conformational behavior of these molecules was characterized by(More)
Due to a number of catastrophic events, vulnerability analysis has been an area of increasing interest and research since the mid 1990s. This paper seeks to look at the results of two vulnerability measures, importance and exposure, applied to networks for macroscopic and mesoscopic modelling within the city of Adelaide. The paper looks at the case study of(More)
The need for more reliable travel time in urban areas in order to provide better transport service to the community has attracted many studies to model travel time reliability and variability. The travel time distribution is basic knowledge for this modelling, and studies to fit continuous parametric distributions to travel time distribution have been(More)
The development of Internet-based virtual resources is a relatively new area of scientific and technical activity that is currently undergoing rapid expansion. Major factors fuelling recent growth include the emergence of multimedia capabilities through the rapid evolution of the World Wide Web, the reduction in cost of high quality personal computers and(More)
A repeatable process for a geolocation accuracy assessment of the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program Operational Linescan System using an active calibration target is presented and geolocation accuracy of the current constellation is reported. Abstract Nighttime satellite imagery from the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) Operational(More)
Traffic flows are widely employed as a primary input in calculation of control variables including phase splits and cycle lengths for traffic signals. Flow characteristics normally vary in different locations and over time corresponding to different driver behaviours. The examination of traffic flows should provide better understanding of a study area and(More)
Transit-oriented development (TOD), with a focus on rail corridor transport provisions with implications for urban planning, has the potential to reduce tensions of the energy crisis and global warming. Increasing rail frequency and developing higher density residential areas around railway stations may not, however, be enough to increase rail patronage.(More)