B J Guillette

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Membranes from adult rabbit superior cervical ganglia, cross-linked to membrane-bound 125I-labeled nerve growth factor (NGF) by the photoreactive agent hydroxysuccinimidyl-p-azidobenzoate, were found to contain two labeled components with apparent Mr = 143,000 and Mr = 112,000. At high concentrations of the cross-linker, minor amounts of a Mr = 300,000(More)
Some patients have increased resistance in the nasal valve area that is static and does not collapse. Anterior rhinomanometry is unable to document nasal valve disorders in these instances. A simple stent was devised to open the nasal valve area during anterior mask rhinomanometry. Three groups of subjects were studied with and without the stent. These(More)
Plasma membranes from rat adipocytes and liver and from human placenta have been labeled by covalent cross-linking to membrane-bound 125I-labeled multiplication stimulating activity (125I-MSA) with three different bishydroxysuccinimide esters: disuccinimidyl suberate, disuccinimidyl succinate, and ethyleneglycolyl bis(succinimidyl succinate). Dodecyl(More)
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