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In order to clarify the role of supraspinal tachykinins in volume-induced micturition and in bladder hyperactivity secondary to bladder outlet obstruction, conscious, normal, female Sprague-Dawley rats were investigated cystometrically before and after intracerebroventricular administration of RP 67,580, a selective antagonist of neurokinin (NK)-1 receptors(More)
Apomorphine, given subcutaneously (s.c.), induces erection and bladder overactivity in rats through stimulation of dopamine (D1- and D2-like) receptors in the central nervous system. In paraplegic patients, apomorphine was reported to cause bladder overactivity. This suggests that apomorphine may have a spinal site of action also for stimulation of(More)
The relationship between chronic prostatitis and fertility has been disputed for many years. Several groups have shown infection and autoimmune response against prostate antigens could have a deleterious effect on semen quality and fertility. This study was conducted to test the hypothesis that Omi/HtrA2-induced apoptosis in chronic prostatitis could be a(More)
The objective of this study is to compare the influence on erectile function between urethral cystoscopic realignment and early end-to-end anastomosis treating ruptured bulbous urethra. 58 cases were selected, 32 had urethral cystoscopic realignment (group I) and 26 cases had urethral end-to-end anastomosis (group II). The parameters of P-CDU (Penile Color(More)
PURPOSE To construct a reliable continent tube, which is easy to catheterize, we created and evaluated a new continent cutaneous diversion using a tapered ileum combined with extramural support from the pouch-abdominal wall. MATERIALS AND METHODS Six dogs underwent a procedure in which two ileal segments were tapered and anastomosed to the ileal pouch.(More)
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