B. J. Green

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BACKGROUND Molecular microbiological analysis of airway samples in asthma has demonstrated an altered microbiome in comparison to healthy controls. Such changes may have relevance to treatment-resistant severe asthma, particularly those with neutrophilic airway inflammation, as bacteria might be anticipated to activate the innate immune response, a process(More)
The CMRF-35 mAb recognizes an antigen found on most leukocytes including monocytes, neutrophils, macrophages, dendritic cells, and subpopulations of lymphocytes and bone marrow cells. A cDNA expressing the CMRF-35 epitope was isolated by expression cloning and this predicts for a type I cell surface glycoprotein belonging to the Ig superfamily. Here we(More)
We identified five patients with IgM monoclonal autoantibodies that bound to human brain tubulin. In a companion study, we found that IgM in these sera selectively recognized one of three epitopes on tubulin. IgM from three patients bound selectively to a small epitope on human beta-tubulin comprising amino acids 301 to 314. The other two sera recognized(More)
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