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Pancreatic islets are heavily vascularized in vivo with each insulin secreting beta-cell associated with at least one endothelial cell (EC). This structure is maintained immediately post-isolation; however, in culture the ECs slowly deteriorate, losing density and branched morphology. We postulate that this deterioration occurs in the absence of blood flow(More)
We report experimental results depicting suppression of complex spatiotemporal dynamics under the influence of local periodic stimulations. In an experimental electrochemical system, applying a continuous forcing signal to one of the sites in an array of eight coupled oscillators, the naturally complex behavior of the remaining seven electrodes can be(More)
A series of experiments on a ring electrode with changes in a parameter, the applied potential, are described. Spatiotemporal patterns are investigated in a region of parameter space in which relaxation oscillations occur. The simplest state is a period 2Pi oscillation that has full O(2) symmetry so that at each instant the pattern is unchanged by rotations(More)
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