B. J. F. Meyer

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The workforce is aging as older workers reenter the workforce or delay retirement. One consequence is that work groups are increasingly becoming intergenerational. Because group work relies on many collaborative tools (e.g., email, shared calendars), it is essential to understand the special requirements that intergenerational groups may have for groupware.(More)
If a patient decides to forgo eating and drinking in order to hasten his or her own death, how should a hospice respond? From a legal standpoint, " voluntarily stopping eating and drinking " (VSED) is an option for individuals in all 50 states and distinct from the natural reduction in nutritional intake that accompanies the dying process. It is a voluntary(More)
Short Description The aging workforce represents a major transformation of the workplace that is demanding attention from researchers. Other notable transformations are the diffusion of computer technology and the rising emphasis on teamwork. We study how technology can support collaboration in intergenerational groups. Drawing on small groups theory and(More)
As the largest group of health professionals, nurses have a tremendous potential to help curb the tobacco epidemic. However, studies conducted across a range of global settings continue to indicate that both practicing nurses and nursing student have limited knowledge, skills and confidence needed to implement evidence-based tobacco cessation interventions.(More)
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