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The discriminative stimulus effects of alcohol were examined in 11 healthy moderate alcohol users. Study days occurred 5 days per week for 12-25 total days. Each day, participants completed visual-analog reports of drug effect and drug-discrimination tasks at 30-min intervals for 2.5 h following oral alcohol administration. Participants completed three(More)
Isolation-induced ultrasonic vocalizations (USVs) are emitted by young rat pups when isolated from their dam and conspecifics. These USVs play an important role in maternal/offspring interactions, and have been used as an indicator of response to stress and isolation. This study examined the effects of neonatal ethanol and/or cocaine exposure on USVs in(More)
Fenbendazole (FBZ) is a benzimidazole currently used for anthelmintic treatment of pinworm populations in numerous animal species although it is not currently approved for laboratory rodents in the U.S. It has received considerable interest for treating rodent populations due to its low toxicity, wide safety margin and apparent absence of gross teratogenic(More)
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