B. J. A. M. Bottema

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the validity of spirometric tests performed in general practice. METHOD A repeated within subject comparison of spirometric tests with a "gold standard" (spirometric tests performed in a pulmonary function laboratory) was performed in 388 subjects with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) from 61 general practices and four(More)
INTRODUCTION An electronic patient record (EPR) with disease-specific data may support improvement of the quality of care for patients with chronic diseases. The structure and content of such a record can only be assessed by clinicians in co-operation with IT-specialists, because, the result has to be clinically relevant, easily accessible and adjusted to(More)
BACKGROUND Family Physician (FP) trainees are expected to be provided with high quality training in well organized practice settings. This study examines differences between FP trainers and non-trainers and their practices to see whether there are differences in trainers and non-trainers and in how their practices are organized and their services are(More)
BACKGROUND We recently set standards for gender-specific medicine training as an integrated part of the GP training curriculum. This paper describes the programme and evaluation of this training. METHODS The programme is designed for GP registrars throughout the 3-year GP training. The modules emphasize interaction, application, and clinically integrated(More)
Airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR) is a characteristic feature of asthma, but it is unclear whether asymptomatic AHR is associated with a higher risk of asthma. The present study assessed whether there is an association between asymptomatic AHR in adolescence and asthma in adulthood. The association between allergy and development of asthma was also(More)
BACKGROUND Currently, one of the main interventions that are widely expected to contribute to teachers' professional development is confronting teachers with feedback from resident evaluations of their teaching performance. Receiving feedback, however, is a double edged sword. Teachers see themselves confronted with information about themselves and are, at(More)
BACKGROUND In a professional learner-centered(ness) educational environment, communication and alignment of expectations about teaching are indispensable. Professional education of residents could benefit from an analysis and comparison of teachers' and residents' educational expectations and beliefs. Our purpose is to identify success factors and barriers(More)
BACKGROUND When innovations are introduced in medical education, teachers often have to adapt to a new concept of what being a good teacher includes. These new concepts do not necessarily match medical teachers' own, often strong beliefs about what it means to be a good teacher.Recently, a new competency-based description of the good teacher was developed(More)
The purpose of this study is to compare the change in general practitioner (GP) trainees' gender awareness following a modular gender medicine programme or a mainstream gender medicine programme. In 2007, a prospective study was conducted in three cohorts of in total 207 GP trainees who entered GP training in the Netherlands. The outcome measure was the(More)
To identify patterns of clinical history associated with extreme (high or low) probabilities of allergic sensitization in coughing children so as to restrict allergy testing to those with an intermediate probability of sensitization. A total of 752 children, aged 1-4, visiting their GPs for coughing (>or=5 days), were tested for IgE-antibodies to house dust(More)
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