B. J. A. M. Bottema

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The aim of this study was to clarify which themes and elements constitute professionalism in medicine. Three consecutive steps were taken: (a) a systematic search of the literature to identify constituent elements of professionalism mentioned in definitions and descriptions of the concept; (b) analysis of these elements using the constant comparison(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of a primary care model for COPD on process of care and patient outcome. DESIGN Controlled study with delayed intervention in control group. SETTING The GP delegates tasks to a COPD support service (CSS) and a practice nurse. The CSS offers logistic support to the practice through a patient register and recall system(More)
AIM To assess the impact of two modes of spirometry expert support on Family physicians' (FPs') diagnoses and planned management in patients with apparent respiratory disease. METHOD A cluster-randomised trial was performed with family practices as the unit of randomisation. FPs from 44 family practices recorded their diagnosis and planned management(More)
OBJECTIVE In medical education the focus has shifted from gaining knowledge to developing competencies. To effectively monitor performance in practice throughout the entire training, a new approach of assessment is needed. This study aimed to evaluate an instrument that monitors the development of competencies during postgraduate training in the setting of(More)
CONTEXT Gender is increasingly regarded as an important factor in doctor-patient communication education. This review aims to assess if and how gender is addressed by current assessment instruments for communication skills in medical education. METHODS In 2009 at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, an online search was conducted in the(More)
BACKGROUND Family Physician (FP) trainees are expected to be provided with high quality training in well organized practice settings. This study examines differences between FP trainers and non-trainers and their practices to see whether there are differences in trainers and non-trainers and in how their practices are organized and their services are(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study is to develop gender criteria that can be included in communication skills assessment in medical education. METHODS A three-round Delphi study was conducted. The invited 59 participants were experts in the field of gender medicine education (n = 28) and doctor-patient communication (n = 31). Each Delphi round comprised a(More)
BACKGROUND Currently, one of the main interventions that are widely expected to contribute to teachers' professional development is confronting teachers with feedback from resident evaluations of their teaching performance. Receiving feedback, however, is a double edged sword. Teachers see themselves confronted with information about themselves and are, at(More)
BACKGROUND Spirometry is increasingly implemented in general practice, while the ability of general practitioners (GPs) to interpret flow volume curves (F-V curves) has been questioned. Furthermore, the role of spirometry in the GPs decision-making process has barely been studied. AIM To compare the achievements of trained GPs in spirometric diagnosis(More)
BACKGROUND Although one out of three general practitioners (GPs) carries out spirometry, the diagnostic interpretation of spirometric test results appears to be a common barrier for GPs towards its routine application. METHODS Multivariate cross-sectional analysis of a questionnaire survey among 137 GPs who participated in a spirometry evaluation(More)