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SummaryInbreeding was established by brother-sister matings and it was carried out for seven generations in the Consejo population of Tribolium castaneum. From 105 inbred lines at the start, 53 lines reached the end of the experiment,. Losses of lines were independent of the level of inbreeding.The trait studied was 4-day egg laying of virgin females. It(More)
Optimum proportions selected for each sex, giving the maximum selection response up to some specified time, have been investigated. Selection was carried out from a constant number of individuals scored per generation. It has been shown that the maximum response after t generations of selection is obtained when the number of individuals scored and the(More)
Five hundred and ninety-three radial metaphase II cells from the male grasshopper, Euchorthippus pulvinatus gallicus, were analyzed to ascertain whether chromosomes in the haploid complement were in a fixed order. As an a posteriori hypothesis, the most probable original order of chromosomes in the metaphases was determined. The genetical significance of a(More)
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