B Ia Vil'ner

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The influence of amyotrophic leukospongiosis (AL) causative agent on the ultrastructure of different types of cells of dissociated rat embryo brain and spinal cord cultures was studied. The AL agent belongs to the unconventional viruses (prions) and causes degenerative changes in the CNS. Large neurons and fibrous astrocytes were shown to be most sensitive.(More)
Nervous cells obtained by dissociation of the rat cranial cervical ganglion cultivated in vitro, are demonstrated to form a network in which spontaneous and provoked electric activity is registered. The structural base for transmission the electrical activity in the plexus are complex divergent-convergent complexes, formed by elementary morphofunctional(More)
Development of the sympathetic neurons of the dissociated cranial cervical ganglia taken from newborn rats has been studied in tissue culture. Vital microscopical, histological, histochemical and electrophysiological methods have been used, as well as an automatic morpho- and cytospectrometrical computer analysis. Active processes of the neurocyte(More)
Structural and functional relations between sympathetic neurons in the long-term culture of a dissociated autonomic ganglion were studied with light and electron microscopic (scanning microscopy) and electrophysiological microelectrode techniques. Different patterns of functional interneuronal relations depending on the ultrastructural organization and(More)
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