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A theory of condensation and resolubilization of a dilute DNA solution with growing concentration of multivalent cations, N is suggested. It is based on a new theory of screening of a macroion by multivalent cations, which shows that due to strong cation correlations at the surface of DNA the net charge of DNA changes sign at some small concentration of(More)
Screening of a strongly charged macroion by multivalent counterions is considered. It is shown that counterions form a strongly correlated liquid at the surface of the macroion. Cohesive energy of this liquid leads to additional attraction of counterions to the surface, which is absent in conventional solutions of the Poisson-Boltzmann equation. Away from(More)
It is known since the early days of molecular biology that proteins locate their specific targets on DNA up to two orders-of-magnitude faster than the Smoluchowski three-dimensional diffusion rate. An accepted explanation of this fact is that proteins are nonspecifically adsorbed on DNA, and sliding along DNA provides for the faster one-dimensional search.(More)
Many viruses self-assemble from a large number of identical capsid proteins with long flexible N-terminal tails and single-stranded (ss) RNA. We study the role of the strong Coulomb interaction of positive N-terminal tails with ssRNA in the kinetics of in vitro virus self-assembly. Capsid proteins stick to the unassembled chain of ssRNA (which we call an(More)
The phase diagram of a water solution of DNA and oppositely charged spherical macroions is studied. DNA winds around spheres to form beads-on-a-string complexes resembling the chromatin 10 nm fiber. At small enough concentration of spheres these " artificial chromatin " complexes are negative, while at large enough concentrations of spheres the charge of(More)
Proteins are known to locate their specific targets on DNA up to two orders of magnitude faster than predicted by the Smoluchowski three-dimensional diffusion rate. One of the mechanisms proposed to resolve this discrepancy is termed "intersegment transfer." Many proteins have two DNA binding sites and can transfer from one DNA segment to another without(More)
Adsorption of multivalent counterions on the charged surface of a macroion is known to lead to inversion of the macroion charge due to the strong lateral correlations of counterions. We consider a nontrivial role of the excluded volume of counterions on this effect. It is shown analytically that when the bare charge of the macroion increases, its net charge(More)
Environmental noise can cause an exponential reduction in the mean time to extinction (MTE) of an isolated population. We study this effect on an example of a stochastic birth-death process with rates modulated by a colored (that is, correlated) Gaussian noise. A path integral formulation yields a transparent way of evaluating the MTE and finding the(More)
We address the long standing problem of the dependence of the electrostatic persistence length l(e) of a flexible polyelectrolyte (PE) on the screening length r(s) of the solution within the linear Debye-Hückel theory. The standard Odijk, Skolnick, and Fixman (OSF) theory suggests l(e) proportional, variant r(2)s, while some variational theories and some(More)