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The effects of two methylated analogs of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2), namely 16,16-dimethyl PGE2 and its methyl ester, on gastric acid and pepsin secretion have been studied in 5 ulcer patients. Both analogs produced significant inhibition of acid secretion in a dose-dependent fashion, but the effect was less pronounced than the inhibition found in a group of(More)
The effect of 140 mug of 16,16-dimethyl PGE2 on gastric emptying and intestinal transit of a barium-food mixture has been studied in 8 healthy male volunteers. The propagation of the test meal was followed from the stomach to the colon by fluoroscopy wit repeated photograph ic recording. It was found that this analog significantly enhanced the rate of(More)
The effect of two methylated analogs of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2), namely 16, 16-dimethyl PGE2 and 15 (S)-15-methyl PGE2 methyl ester, on gastroduodenal motility has been studied in healthy male volunteers. Oral administration of 140 mug of the 16-alkylated analog produced a significant decrease in motor activity in both the gastric antrum and the duodenum.(More)
The present investigation shows that the 15(S)-15-methyl and 16,16-dimethyl analogues of PGE2 given orally are potent inhibitors of gastric acid secretion. The inhibition of acid output is mainly due to a reduction in volume output. The effect on acid secretion was shown to be less pronounced in a group of duodenal ulcer patients than among healthy(More)
It is generally accepted that the anti-inflammatory effect of glucocorticosteroids cannot be separated from their adverse effects at the receptor level. However, modification of the pharmacokinetics through structural alterations could provide steroids with a better therapeutic index than those currently used. Thus, new 16 alpha,17 alpha-acetals between(More)
PURPOSE The purpose with this study was to investigate the usefulness of the 75SeHCAT test in patients suffering from "functional" diarrhoea and to disclose earlier radiological investigations performed in the course of disease. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twenty patients with chronic diarrhoea of unknown cause were investigated with the 75SeHCAT test. The(More)