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Pathway information provides insight into the biological processes underlying microarray data. Pathway information is widely available for humans and laboratory animals in databases through the internet, but less for other species, for example, livestock. Many software packages use species-specific gene IDs that cannot handle genomics data from other(More)
High quality pork is consumed as fresh meat, whereas other carcasses are used in the processing industry. Meat quality is determined measuring technical muscle variables. The objective of this research was to investigate the molecular regulatory mechanisms underlying meat quality differences of pork originating from genetically different Piétrain boars.(More)
Three experiments, involving over 56 000 veal carcasses, were carried out to develop a method for instrumental colour classification of veal carcasses at 45 min post mortem with the Minolta CR300. The method should produce results similar to those of the 10-point colour-system, which is currently in use in The Netherlands. In the first experiment, the(More)
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