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AIMS To determine if cardiac enzymes measured at necropsy could be used to predict early myocardial infarction. METHODS Cardiac enzyme activities were measured in body fluids at necropsy. Coroners' necropsies were grouped by gross and microscopic findings into cases of definite myocardial infarction, cases with occlusive coronary artery atheroma but no(More)
A 75-year-old disabled man was killed by a homosexual mental patient by the rectal insertion of a walking stick. The external examination of the body showed only four superficial tears in the skin of the anus. However, there was a 1 cm diameter full thickness perforation in the anterior wall of the rectum and the cause of death was the perforated rectum.(More)
Three cases of gastric trauma following cardiopulmonary resuscitation are reported. In two cases there were full thickness lacerations of the gastric wall resulting in pneumoperitoneum and in one case subcutaneous emphysema. In the third case, gastric mucosal lacerations resulted in gastric haemorrhage. In all three cases it was thought that the gastric(More)
A case of sudden death in an alcoholic with intramyocardial small vessel disease is reported. The histological findings and their medicolegal significance are discussed. In particular, emphasis is placed on the importance of histological examination of the intramyocardial small vessels in alcoholic subjects dying suddenly and in whom no obvious satisfactory(More)
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