B. Huard

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The peculiar nature of electron scattering in graphene is among many exciting theoretical predictions for the physical properties of this material. To investigate electron scattering properties in a graphene plane, we have created a gate-tunable potential barrier within a single-layer graphene sheet. We report measurements of electrical transport across(More)
We perform electrical transport measurements in graphene with several sample geometries. In particular, we design " invasive " probes crossing the whole graphene sheet as well as " external " probes connected through graphene side arms. The four-probe conductance measured between external probes varies linearly with charge density and is symmetric between(More)
Transport through potential barriers in graphene is investigated using a set of metallic gates capacitively coupled to graphene to modulate the potential landscape. When a gate-induced potential step is steep enough, disorder becomes less important and the resistance across the step is in quantitative agreement with predictions of Klein tunneling of Dirac(More)
Potential steps naturally develop in graphene near metallic contacts. We investigate the influence of these steps on the transport in graphene field effect transistors. We give simple expressions to estimate the voltage-dependent contribution of the contacts to the total resistance and noise in the diffusive and ballistic regimes. Graphene's distinctive(More)
Natural killer cell tolerance is maintained by the interaction of killer inhibitory receptors (KIRs) with self-major histocompatibility complex class I gene products. A subset of T cells also expresses inhibitory receptors, but the functional significance of these receptors on T cells is unclear. Here we show that, in the absence of T-cell receptor (TCR)(More)
We have used a manipulation stage to electrically contact individual nanotube bundles coated with metal nanoparticles for in-situ studies in a transmission electron microscope. When electrical current is passed through a bundle, unusual mass transport is observed along that bundle. Nanocrystals melt and disappear from a given section, with a correlated(More)
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