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Spatial optimization problems, such as route selection, usually involve multiple, conflicting objectives relevant to locations. An ideal approach to solving such multiobjective optimization problems (MOPs) is to find an evenly distributed set of Pareto-optimal alternatives, which is capable of representing the possible trade-off among different objectives.(More)
In this paper, we present the overall design of the Agassiz compiler [1]. The Agassiz compiler is an integrated compiler targeting the concurrent multithreaded architectures [12][13]. These architectures can exploit both loop-level and instruction-level parallelism for general-purpose applications (such as those in SPEC benchmarks). They also support(More)
Four bacterial blight (BB) resistance genes, Xa7, Xa21, Xa22 and Xa23, were introgressed into an elite hybrid rice restorer line Huahui 1035, by marker-assisted selection (MAS). Ten promising BB resistant lines identified by MAS approach in Huahui 1035 restorer background and their respective F1 hybrids with a cytoplasmic male sterile line i.e. Jinke 1A,(More)
Multicellular organisms rely upon diverse and complex intercellular communications networks for a myriad of physiological processes. Disruption of these processes is implicated in the onset and propagation of disease and disorder, including the mechanisms of senescence at both cellular and organismal levels. In recent years, secreted extracellular vesicles(More)
Coherent detection through two opposing objectives (4Pi configuration) improves the precision of three-dimensional (3D) single-molecule localization substantially along the axial direction, but suffers from instrument complexity and maintenance difficulty. To address these issues, we have realized 4Pi fluorescence detection by sandwiching the sample between(More)