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A double-blind, randomized phase III study compared intravenous urography in 100 adult patients receiving iodixanol 320 mgI ml-1 (Visipaque) with 99 patients receiving iohexol 350 mgI ml-1 (Omnipaque). The aim of the study was to investigate differences in image quality between a non-ionic dimeric contrast medium (CM) and a non-ionic monomer at 40 ml per(More)
Non-ionic dimers induce less diuresis than non-ionic monomers, resulting in increased opacification of the urinary tract in intravenous (i.v.) urography. This double blind, comparative, randomized, parallel trial compared the efficacy of iodixanol (non-ionic dimer) and iopromide (non-ionic monomer) in 100 patients with mild to moderate renal insufficiency(More)
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