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Incubation of Ehrlich Lettréascites tumor cells with normal human serum at 37°C\vas found to result in the loss of a high percentage of cellular acid-soluble ribonucleotides, a decrease in lactic acid production, and a lower rate of endogenous respiration than in controls. Oxidation of succinate, a-glycerophosphate, and a-ketoglutarate was stimulated in(More)
Double-stranded RNA isolated from cells infected with the RNA bacteriophage R17 has been implicated in the replicative mechanism of viral RNA. I Two types of double-stranded RNA have been described in cells infected with RNA viruses: the intact double strand of molecular weight 2 X 106,2, 3 knowA as replicative form,4 and the population of double-stranded(More)
The natural cytocidal system in normal human serum active against Ehrlich Lettréascites tumor cells was found to involve serum complement and /3-globulin. While all 4 components of complement were found to be required in order for the cytocidal action to be expressed, only C'4 was necessary for the attach ment of the /3-globulin to the tumor cell.(More)
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