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Targets comprising a horizontal black line 5' thick offset by 1' were printed on strips to stick to the drums of the Catford Visual Acuity Apparatus. The 'vernier' targets so produced corresponded to the different sizes of Snellen letters from 6/6 to 2/60 when presented at 50 cm. Twenty-five children between the ages of 3 and 12 years with known amblyopia(More)
AIMS To describe a method of securing indwelling O'Donohughe's lacrimal tubes in dacryocystorhinostomy using two 3-4 mm Watski sleeves. METHODS The operative technique used to secure the sleeves into position on the lacrimal tubes is described. Forty seven procedures with a follow up ranging from 3 to 30 months (mean 10 months) are reviewed. RESULTS The(More)
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