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In recent outdoor, over-the-air tests and simulations, DARPA demonstrated greater than 3X improvement in aggregate wireless network throughput and latency compared to the 802.11b wireless local area network. This achievement is based on allowing multiple users to simultaneously use the same channel (time, frequency, code, etc.) without requiring a(More)
This paper reviews the driving factors that affect performance gains in wireless networks when receivers are enabled by multiuser detection (MUD). Assuming the many-to-one, Gaussian multiple-access channel, we compare the capacity of a jointly optimal MUD receiver with the single user match filter using TDMA, FDMA and orthogonal CDMA access schemes.(More)
The growing use of small form factor unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in theater presents severe co-channel interference issues with todaypsilas radio technology. This paper addresses this concern by describing multiuser detection receiver technology and its application to the Common Data Link (CDL) ISR waveform protocol. By equipping CDL radios with MUD(More)
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