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The hypothesis has been advanced that the two genes on chromosome 6 determining idiopathic hemochromatosis are not identical alleles and therefore that the disease is not recessively inherited, but rather that two different genes are involved. A study of 63 families points to: (a) the rarity with which a single hemochromatosis gene finds biochemical(More)
UNLABELLED Cryptococcus neoformans is a human opportunistic fungal pathogen causing severe disseminated meningoencephalitis, mostly in patients with cellular immune defects. This species is divided into three serotypes: A, D, and the AD hybrid. Our objectives were to compare population structures of serotype A and D clinical isolates and to assess whether(More)
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is common in patients with human immuno-deficiency virus infection, but an intracardiac localisation is rare. In this case, the malignant lymphoma presented with a degradation of the patient's condition and signs of right-sided cardiac failure. Echocardiography showed a polylobed mass invading the right ventricle. Computerised(More)