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Chitinases frequently display a modular structure featuring a catalytic domain attached to one or several ancillary noncatalytic domains whose function is often chitin binding. Gene cloning and DNA sequencing have allowed the determination of a massive number of amino acid sequences of chitinases during the last 10 years. This chapter presents a unifying(More)
A BASIC program, HCABAND, is described which is used to convert the linear amino acid sequence of proteins into a word processor-readable file to generate the 2D-helical representation required for hydrophobic cluster analysis. The user can specify the width of the plot and can use the word processor macro-commands to facilitate visual inspection of the(More)
Hydrophobic cluster analysis (HCA) is an efficient method for analysing and comparing the amino acid sequences of proteins. It relies on two-dimensional representations of the sequences presently generated by simple plot programs working on microcomputers. Two interactive programs, MANSEK and SUNHCA, are described here that operate from Vax and Sun(More)
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