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Hydrophobic cluster analysis (HCA) is a protein sequence comparison method based on alpha-helical representations of the sequences where the size, shape and orientation of the clusters of hydrophobic residues are primarily compared. The effectiveness of HCA has been suggested to originate from its potential ability to focus on the residues forming the(More)
A BASIC program, HCABAND, is described which is used to convert the linear amino acid sequence of proteins into a word processor-readable file to generate the 2D-helical representation required for hydrophobic cluster analysis. The user can specify the width of the plot and can use the word processor macro-commands to facilitate visual inspection of the(More)
Hydrophobic cluster analysis (HCA) is an efficient method for analysing and comparing the amino acid sequences of proteins. It relies on two-dimensional representations of the sequences presently generated by simple plot programs working on microcomputers. Two interactive programs, MANSEK and SUNHCA, are described here that operate from Vax and Sun(More)
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