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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE to determine if diabetes mellitus is a risk factor for outcome after carotid endarterectomy (CEA). METHODS the outcome and complications of all vascular procedures performed in Sweden are registered prospectively in the Swedish Vascular Registry (Swedvasc) and form the basis of this report. During the 10-year period 1987-96 2622(More)
Sixty patients treated for gynecological malignancies with radiation therapy and operated upon because of late intestinal complications of the treatment were studied. Among patients irradiated for cervical carcinoma an incidence of 3.2% of operated intestinal lesions was encountered. Fifty-nine per cent of the women had a history of previous pelvic(More)
The early detection and reversal of gastrointestinal ischaemia is thought to play a key role in minimizing the incidence of complications after abdominal aortic surgery. In an open prospective non-selective study intramucosal pH (pHi) was monitored in 27 patients undergoing elective aortic surgery and in seven submitted to emergency procedures. The pHi was(More)
The clinical efficacy of the prostacyclin analogue iloprost was studied during a 2 week treatment and 6 month follow-up period in 103 patients with ischaemic ulcers who were randomised to receive active treatment or placebo. Responders were defined as those patients who achieved healing of at least one third of the ulcer area during the study period. The(More)
Cross-sections of whole calf muscles (m soleus and m gastrocnemius) were obtained from five previously clinically health individuals who had died accidentally (controls) and from amputated legs of five patients of similar age with severe peripheral arterial insufficiency. In the controls, but not in the patients, a characteristic distribution of different(More)
Seventeen men with peripheral arterial insufficiency and intermittent claudication (maximum walking tolerance less than 1000 m) underwent a bypass operation (group A, n = 8) or carried out simple exercises (repeated heel-raising) at home (group B, n = 9). The effects of treatment on the isokinetic performance of the plantar flexors and on fatiguability were(More)
In a 60-year-old woman, endoscopic retrograde choledochography with sphincterotomy was followed by appearance of gas in the portal venous system. Venous bleeding was seen immediately after completion of sphincterotomy. The patient recovered well. Even in the absence of duodenal perforation, sphincterotomy may be complicated by hepatic portal venous gas.
To reduce leakage of peritoneal dialysis fluid, insertion of a 2-cuff Tenckhoff catheter (TeC) was performed under local anaesthesia by a lateral approach on 30 occasions in 26 patients. Incision was 3 cm laterally of the linea alba. The inner cuff of the TeC was fixed by a purse-string suture of the peritoneal membrane on the abdominal side of the cuff and(More)