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Long-range order (LRO) is one of the most successful descriptors in relating the three-dimensional structures of proteins with their folding rates. LRO highlights the importance of long-range contacts (residues that are far in sequence and closer in the 3D structure) in determining the folding rates of proteins across all structural classes of proteins. In(More)
Predicting the experimental unfolding rates of two-state proteins and models describing the unfolding rates of these proteins is quite limited because of the complexity present in the unfolding mechanism and the lack of experimental unfolding data compared with folding data. In this work, 25 two-state proteins characterized by Maxwell et al. (Protein Sci(More)
  • B Harihar, S Selvaraj
  • Protein and peptide letters
  • 2011
In the past decade, when compared to models describing the folding rates of two-state proteins, models describing the folding mechanism of three-state proteins remain quite limited due to the complexity present in the folding mechanism and lack in their experimental data. In the present work, rate-limiting long-range contacts were classified into various(More)
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