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H igh-power fiber lasers can be incoherently combined to form the basis of a high-energy laser system for directed-energy applications. These applications include tactical directed energy and power beaming. Incoherent combining of fiber lasers has a number of advantages over other laser beam combining methods. The incoherently combined laser system is(More)
A systematic technique for conservatively discretizing the time dependent Schrödinger equation on an arbitrary structured grid is given. Spatial differencing is carried out by finite volumes, and temporal differencing is carried out semi-implicitly. It is shown that the resulting algorithm conserves probability to within a round-off error regardless of the(More)
Researchers claim to have observed superluminal (faster than light) propagation of a laser pulse in a gain medium by a new mechanism in which there is no distortion of the pulse. Our analysis shows that the observed mechanism is due to pulse distortion arising from a differential gain effect and should not be viewed as superluminal propagation. In a recent(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t Numerical solution of relativistic quantum optics problems requires high performance computing due to the rapid oscillations in a relativistic wavefunction. Clusters of graphical processing units are used to accelerate the computation of a time dependent relativistic wavefunction in an arbitrary external potential. The(More)
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