B. H. Zhang

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A simply hemoglobin (Hb) molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) was prepared using Hb as the imprinted molecule, acrylamide as the functional monomer and cross-linked chitosan beads as the supporting matrix. The MIP was achieved by entrapment of the selective soft polyacrylamide gel in the pores of the cross-linked chitosan beads by letting acrylamide monomer(More)
OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing)-based broadband power line communication offers reliable data transmission solution for smart grid and the “last mile” question. This paper presents a design and implementation on timing synchronization algorithm for PLC. A polyphase sequences sets based preamble is proposed which provide not(More)
In this letter, the power spectrum of a cooled distributed feedback laser module is measured using the self-heterodyne technique. Periodical oscillation peaks have been observed in the measurement. Further investigation shows that the additional modulation signal is coupled from the thermal electric cooler (TEC) controller to the laser driver, and then(More)
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