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Hearing impairment is the most commonly occurring condition that affects the ability of humans to communicate. More than 50% of the cases of profound early-onset deafness are caused by genetic factors. Over 40 loci for non-syndromic deafness have been genetically mapped, and mutations in several genes have been shown to cause hearing loss. Mutations in the(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Huntington's disease is due to a CAG triplet repeat elongation in the huntingtin gene. Boundaries in CAG numbers have been found between healthy people with and without risk to pass the disorder to the next generation, and between people without, with a mild, or with a fully penetrant phenotype. These data have been generated in(More)
BACKGROUND It has long been speculated that increased blood flow shear stress might be one of the major factors affecting the patency of grafted saphenous vein in coronary artery bypass operations. The underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms for so-called "shear stress damage" have not yet been well elucidated. METHODS Endothelial cells harvested(More)
AIM The aim of this study is to investigate the dysregulated biological functions that play important role in the occurrence and development of breast invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC). MATERIALS AND METHODS We downloaded the gene expression profile data from gene expression omnibus (GEO) database, including 42 disease samples and 143 adjacent histological(More)
150 women had an IUD inserted at cesarean section in a hospital in Beijing, China, from April 1981-82. A new suture fixation method was used in which the catgut was sutured to fix the ring on the posterior uterine wall to prevent premature expulsion. Of the 150 cases 148 were primigravida and 2 multipara, ages 23-33. Fetal membrane rupture time was: 1)(More)
Single-crystalline ZnTe nanowires with the zincblende structure have been synthesized on silicon (Si) substrates via a vapor phase transport method. The ZnTe (99.99%) powders were used as the source, and 10 nm-thick thermal evaporated gold (Au) film was used as the catalyst. The as-prepared ZnTe nanowires have diameters of 30-80 nm and lengths of more than(More)
Objective: To investigate the electrophysiological features of tremor intensity, frequency and frequency dispersion of Parkinsonian (PT group) and essential (ET group) tremors using accelerometry. Methods: The amplitude, frequency and frequency dispersion of rest tremor, postural tremor and the influence of weight on tremor of 35 PT patients and 40 ET(More)