B. H. Rosenberg

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The emergence and reemergence of infectious diseases, as the result of recent and ongoing social and environmental changes, urgently calls for a global surveillance system, so that unusual outbreaks can be recognized and controlled at an early stage. ProMED, an international non-governmental group of infectious disease experts, was organized by the(More)
Developmental changes of two mitochondrial enzymes, succinate- and menadione-dependent alpha-glycerophosphate dehydrogenases (SDH, M alpha GPDH) have been studied by histochemical techniques in early autopsy material in the following areas of human neocortex: area 4 (motor cortex), area 17 (visual cortex) and area 40 (associative cortex). Each area studied(More)
DNA swivel (nicking-rejoining) enzyme activity has been studied in various cell fractions of a human lymphoid cell line. Swivel activity is found only in chromatin and in a nuclear membrane fraction containing DNA and possessing endogenous DNA synthesizing activity. Twenty percent of the total swivel activity and less than one percent of the total DNA are(More)
  • Sakoğlu, Upadhyay J Chin, C-L Chandran, P Baker, Sj, Cole T Fox +33 others
  • 2015
Citation counts (#Cs) for some of the journal publications here are based on google scholar, all #citations = 454, h-index = 11, last updated on 11/15/2015. An entropy-based evaluation method for knowledge bases of medical information systems, " Expert Systems with Applications, Elsevier, Accepted / In Press (2015). [ESWA is among the top AI journals(More)
The effects of protein malnutrition, both in utero and prior to weaning, on formation of the first mandibular molars were evaluated by phase-contrast and electron microscopy in rats. The nourished group (GI) received a diet that included 20% casein, while the malnourished group (GII) received 5% casein. The first mandibular molars from GII exhibited low(More)
When pain persists after a successful injection of the inferior alveolar nerve, the professional must think on the possibility of supplementary nerve supply of the region. This review updates the current knowledge of this supplementary innervation. Not every patient will require this kind of anesthesia, however, the dentist must be aware of its existence.
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