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By implementing the multiple copy prescription program, Indiana demonstrates its concern with the problems of doctor shoppers and physicians involved with abuse. By trying to track illegal diversion of Schedule II drugs, states that have implemented tracking programs are trying to rid the streets of illicit drug use. When it is time to renew the law, the(More)
2,3-Diphosphoglycerate (2,3-DPG) may inhibit the platelet release reaction and the irreversible aggregation of human blood platelets induced by adenosine diphosphate, epinephrine, or norepinephrine. The effects of 2,3-DPG on platelet aggregation were more pronounced in cases with low hematocrit (less than 30 percent). Dipyridamole and vincaminor potentiated(More)
A saline extract of polyurethane (SPU) induces enzymatic conversion of arachidonic acid (either exogenous or released through the action of exogenous phospholipase-A) by activating a hitherto undiscovered labile enzyme, synthetase-alpha which is not blocked by aspirin. Addition of SPU, plus arachidonic acid or SPU plus phospholipase-A to platelet-rich(More)
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