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A severe paretic syndrome accompanied by intense neuronal lipofuscinosis is described in sheep and horses exposed to Trachyandra divaricata. This is a newly recognised toxic hazard for grazing livestock in the coastal region of the south west of Western Australia. Animals appear to become affected over a period of weeks when summer conditions induce a(More)
Left displacement of the abomasum was diagnosed radiographically in an 8-week-old female Friesian calf. At surgery, a 4 cm ulcer was repaired and an abomasopexy performed during closure of the abdomen. Recovery from surgery was slow, and regurgitation of rumen contents occurred. Despite medical treatment, the calf died 4 days later. Left abomasal(More)
In each of three experiments, thirty seasonally anoestrous Border Leicester ewes were fed on a maintenance ration of oaten chaff. Fifteen of them were given a supplement of 500 g lupin grain per head per day. The ewes were treated with 10 mg follicle stimulating hormone (Expt 1), 600 I.U. pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin (Expt 2) and either 150 or 300(More)
A proprietary insecticidal mulesing powder containing diazinon and an experimental liquid dressing based on eucalyptus oil, naphthalene, cresylic acid and chlorfenvinphos in a carrier of liquid hydrocarbons and petroleum oil were compared for their ability to promote wound healing and reduce the incidence of fly strike in freshly mulesed lambs. Throughout(More)
OBJECTIVE The first national abattoir survey of Cysticercus bovis ('beef measles') in cattle was conducted in February 2008. METHODS During the data collection period, 493,316 cattle were subjected to standard postmortem procedures, including incision of the masseter and heart muscles. On-site veterinarians were asked to record the location of any C.(More)
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