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Fifty-seven pregnant beef heifers that were unvaccinated or previously vaccinated with Brucella abortus S19, at a dose of either 10(9) or 10(10) colony-forming units (CFU), were challenge-exposed intraconjunctivally with virulent B. abortus S2308 at a dose of 9.4 X 10(6) CFU (Experiment 1) or 5.2 X 10(7) CFU (Experiment 2). In Experiment 1, S19 afforded(More)
Two experiments were done on 57 steers. These cattle were allotted to 8 groups (4 groups/experiment) and vaccinated with 1 to 3 X 10(9) colony-forming units of Brucella abortus strain 19. Cattle in 3 of the 4 groups/experiment were given 6 mg of levamisole/kg, subcutaneously, either at the time of vaccination (day 0), 7 days later, or at both times. Serum(More)
In 5- to 7-month-old dairy calves, concurrent oxytetracycline administration and subcutaneous vaccination with 10(9) Brucella abortus strain 19 organisms reduced the percentage of animals with detectable humoral antibodies to Brucella abortus, when compared with untreated vaccinated calves of the same age range. The reduction of antibody reaction in the(More)
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