B H Boltjes

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In studies on the pattern electroretinogram the quality of the retinal image is a major concern. The use of contact lens electrodes was rejected since a good pattern could not be recorded. This is believed to be due to blurring of the retinal image. As indicator of image quality the patient's visual acuity is often used. We wondered whether this is a(More)
It is generally accepted that the pattern electroretinogram for very large spatial elements is the result of local luminance stimulation. Responses due to the luminance differences between elements may be assumed to be relatively unimportant because in the case of large elements only few retinal units are stimulated by gradients. With decreasing pattern(More)
The aim of our work is to present, test and validate an automated registration method used for matching brain SPECT scans with corresponding MR scans. The method was applied on a data set consisting of ten brain IDEX SPECT scans and ten T1- and T2-weighted MR scans of the same subjects. Of two subjects a CT scan was also made. (Semi-) automated algorithms(More)
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