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This paper proposes a classification-based face detection method using Gabor filter features. Considering the desirable characteristics of spatial locality and orientation selectivities of the Gabor filter, we design filters for extracting facial features from the local image. The feature vector based on Gabor filters is used as the input of the classifier,(More)
In this paper we present a new fault-tolerant di-the nodea of the network, which communicate among themselves by exchanging messages only. We have shown that our algorithm functions properly when any of the cooperating nodes in the system fails. The communication delay may vary but haa an upper limit of A time units and the messages are not guaranteed to be(More)
—Utilization of wearable textile materials for the development of microstrip antenna segment has been rapid due to the recent miniaturization of wireless devices. A wearable antenna is meant to be a part of the clothing used for communication purposes, which includes tracking and navigation, mobile computing and public safety. This paper describes design(More)
– Differential evolution (DE) algorithm is used to design a microstrip antenna, loaded with a shorting pin. The position of probe and the position of shorting pin are optimized using DE. The fitness function for DE is obtained using multiport network modelling technique. Antenna is fabricated and measured results are compared with the theoretical results.