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Complement fixation (CF) and hematological studies were performed on 517 cows living in normal conditions in different geographical areas of France. The animals belonged to three different categories: (1) multiple or single case herds, in which lymphosarcomas had been detected in the past five years. (2) Leukemia free herds of high risk regions. (3)(More)
Key words: C57BL/6 mouse/leukaemogenic retroviruses/B-tropism/protein SUMMARY Radiation leukaemia virus, Rs strain (RadLV-Rs), is a virus complex derived from radiation-induced lymphoma of the C57BL/6 mouse. Several B-ecotropic retroviruses (T1223/B, T98/B and T128/B) were isolated from the RadLV-Rs and further cloned. They were found to be highly(More)
Two leukemogenic viral populations were derived from a radiation leukemia virus of the C57BL mouse. One (FB), in which only B-tropic virus could be detected, was obtained in vivo by serial passage of cell-free extract in newborn rats. The second (3C), a complex containing at least B-tropic and xenotropic viruses, was produced in vitro by a permanent cell(More)
The level of Gross cell-surface antigen (GCSAa) expression at the surface of murine retrovirus-infected fibroblasts was determined by quantitative absorption of the anti-GCSAa activity of a serum produced in syngeneic W/Fu rats immunized against (C58NT)D lymphoma, and tested in a cytotoxicity assay against E male G2 lymphoma cells. While GCSAa was(More)
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