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Atomic layer deposition of ruthenium is studied as a barrierless metallization solution for future sub-10 nm interconnect technology nodes. We demonstrate the void-free filling in sub-10 nm wide single damascene lines using an ALD process in combination with 2.5 Å of ALD TiN interface and postdeposition annealing. At such small dimensions, the ruthenium(More)
We demonstrate the impact of reducing agents for Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) of WS2 from WF6 and H2S precursors. Nanocrystalline WS2 layers with a two-dimensional structure can be obtained at low deposition temperatures (300-450 °C) without using a template or anneal.
For the first time, WS2-based transistors have been successfully integrated in a 300 mm pilot line using production tools. The 2D material was deposited using either area selective chemical vapor deposition (CVD) or atomic layer deposition (ALD). No material transfer was required. The major integration challenges are the limited adhesion and the fragility(More)
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