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Data from the German miners' cohort study were analysed to investigate whether radon in ambient air causes cancers other than lung cancer. The cohort includes 58,987 men who were employed for at least 6 months from 1946 to 1989 at the former Wismut uranium mining company in Eastern Germany. A total of 20,684 deaths were observed in the follow-up period from(More)
From 1946 to 1990 extensive uranium mining was conducted in the southern parts of the former German Democratic Republic. The overall workforce included several 100,000 individuals. A cohort of 59,001 former male employees of the Wismut Company was established, forming a large retrospective uranium miners' cohort for the time period 1946-1998. Mean duration(More)
A small expert group met in conclave in July 2010 to define a long-term strategic research agenda toward further clarification of the etiology of childhood leukemia (CL). The motivation and invitation for this project came from the German Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) because radiation experts have been puzzled for some time by epidemiological(More)
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