B. Graf

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PURPOSE Our purpose was to determine whether a bioresorbable interference screw coated with a hydroxyapatite-based mineral layer designed to release an engineered peptide growth factor (linkBMP-2 [where "BMP-2" indicates bone morphogenetic protein 2]) improved tendon-bone healing compared with a screw without coating. METHODS Tagged linkBMP-2 peptides(More)
The onset latency and discharge amplitude of preprogrammed postural responses were evaluated in order to determine if the structure of synergistic activation could be altered by ligamentous laxity at the knee joint. Twelve subjects with unilateral and one subject with bilateral anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) insufficiency were tested while standing on a(More)
OBJECTIVE The presence of intrameniscal signal in contact with the surface is a commonly used criterion for the diagnosis of meniscal tear. This signal presumably represents the actual tear in the meniscus. However, some menisci with signal that contacts the surface are noted to be intact at arthroscopy whereas other menisci that have no signal in contact(More)
In 111 patients who had anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions, postoperative radiographic measurements of anterior to posterior and medial to lateral location of the tibial tunnels were correlated with the final range of motion achieved. In the 25 patients with extension deficits of 10 degrees or more, placement of the tibial tunnel was more anterior(More)
Despite the potential for growth factor delivery strategies to promote orthopedic implant healing, there is a need for growth factor delivery methods that are controllable and amenable to clinical translation. We have developed a modular bone growth factor, herein termed "modular bone morphogenetic peptide (mBMP)", which was designed to efficiently bind to(More)
Athletic traumatic hip subluxations are rare. Classic radiographic features have been well described. This case highlights the potential pitfalls of immediate magnetic resonance imaging. Femoral head contusions and acetabular rim fractures are common associated findings usually apparent with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). However, in this case an MRI(More)
The purposes of this study were to evaluate the effects of intense running exercise in the presence and absence of interpersonal competition on both (a) pre-exercise anxiety levels and (b) alterations in anxiety as a consequence of the exercise. Seven females and 10 males performed a 5-mile run over the same outdoor course on two separate days. In one(More)
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