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In this paper, we show that a generic r-tuple of m-input p-output linear systems is simultaneously pole assignable if r < m + p and the McMillan degrees of the systems are not too different. We also obtain upper bounds for the degrees of the compensators which simultaneously assign the characteristic polynomials of the r-tuple of closed loop systems. The(More)
Movements of the human arm in a horizontal plane are very stereotyped in the sense that the corresponding paths me mainly straight lines and the velocity profiles are " bell-shaped like " functions. A dynamics of two link model of the human arm has been studied with the goal of synthesizing the torques which accomplish the desired transfer. The parameters(More)
In order to attempt on multiple robotic micro assemblies of miniature parts, the handling and grasping are the critical parameters while designing the micro manipulation system (MMS). In this paper, a novel design of multi mobile MMS is proposed where handling and grasping are performed using compliant bimorphs piezoelectric micro grippers. These grippers(More)
Piezoelectric actuator is one of the most versatile types of smart actuators, extensively used in different industrial applications like robotics, MEMS, micro assembly, biological cell handling, self-assembly and optical component handling in photonics. By applying the potential to a piezoelectric actuator, it can produce micro level deflection with large(More)
Piezoelectric actuator can be used for handling and grasping of micro scale objects in micro manipulation or robotic assembly where study of stable displacement and force characteristics with voltage signal are important. In order to obtain these behaviors using voltage signal, electromechanical characterization of piezo actuator has been carried out in(More)
This paper presents a new design of mobile micro manipulation system for robotic micro assembly where a compliant piezoelectric actuator based micro gripper is designed for handling the miniature parts. The compensation of misalignment during robotic peg-in-hole assembly is achieved by this compliant micro gripper because the piezoelectric actuator has(More)
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