B. Geetha Vani

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Denial of Service (DoS) attack is a major problem prevalent in Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). Many security techniques were introduced to prevent the DoS attacks in WLAN. However, there are still many weaknesses which provide interest and way for hackers to do such attacks. This research mainly deals with the two types of DoS attacks, namely EAPOL(More)
Steganography is the science of communicating in the hidden manner. This paper presents a robust and secured Image Steganography method capable of embedding high volume of text information in digital cover-image without incurring any perceptual distortion. The method is based on compression and encryption. In order to achieve high capacity, dictionary based(More)
Software Testing is a difficult task and testing web applications may be even more difficult due to peculiarities of such applications. One way to assess IT infrastructure performance is through load testing, which lets you assess how your Web site supports its expected workload by running a specified set of scripts that emulate customer behavior at(More)
Optical Character recognition refers to the process of translating the handwritten or printed text into a format that is understood by the machines for the purpose of editing, searching and indexing. The Performance of the current OCR illustrates and explains the actual errors and imaging defects in recognition with illustrated examples. This paper aims to(More)
Performance testing is an essential activity in software development life cycle. Application performance is the primary consideration in all iterations of agile development process and drives the development of better software releases. Agile methodologies make customer satisfaction the top priority. This paper discusses the agile methodologies such as(More)
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