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We carried out a multicentre study to compare the postoperative femorotibial radiographic axis in two total knee replacement groups; one using manual instrumentation and the other using navigation. In the latter group, three navigation systems were used: Stryker, Orthopilot and Navitrack. The prior circumstances of patients in terms of age, weight,(More)
Pasteurella multocida is a small, anaerobic and Gram-negative coccobacillus which is part of the usual saprophyte flora of some mammals, especially among cats and dogs. The most common clinical manifestations occur in soft tissue, in the form of cellulitis, septic arthritis and tenosynovitis. We present a case of an invasive soft tissue infection by P(More)
This paper presents the origins and development of the EU’s involvement in sport through the examination of the landmark decisions that have shaped its approach over time. The initiation and development of that policy can be considered an example of ‘ task expansion’, in which the EU has extended the scope of its activities as a consequence of actors(More)
OBJECTIVE [corrected] New investigations focus on the relationship between benign prostatic hyperplasia, lower urinary tract symptoms, erectile dysfunction and testosterone deficit; giving to this last one a common role in all of them. In this paper, we present a typical patient who complains of symptoms related to BPH, to treat him in terms of micturition(More)
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