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Persistent müllerian duct syndrome is a rare form of pseudohermaphroditism, in which well developed müllerian structures are present in an otherwise normal male, possibly resulting from absence of müllerian duct inhibiting factor. Two cases of the syndrome are presented. The diagnosis, as in most cases, was confirmed at herniorrhaphy or exploration for(More)
Comparison of C.S. F. H. V. A and 5-HIAA levels of 20 Schizophrenics and 9 non-schizophrenic controls revealed no statistically significant difference between HVA levels but the 5-HIAA levels were significantly less in Schizophrenics (p < 0.05) than in controls. The significance of these findings is discussed.
Microcephaly with mental retardation forms a distinct subgroup among mentally retarded individuals. The paucity of studies on the etiology of this condition in India made the investigators to study this population. It HTO aimed to study the demographic and clinical characteristics, and the etiologic pattern in children with microcepltaly and mental(More)
Detailed family history obtained from 361 cases of severe mental retardation revealed that more than one sib was affected in a majority of the cases where consanguinity was present in more than one generation. The need for studies in general population is indicated for purposes of evolving strategies for genetic counselling.
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