B. G. Wolokoff

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In contrast to reports of extensive hypoxia in human gliomas in situ measured by pO2 histography, non-invasive methods of assessing glioma oxygenation, including nitroimidazole binding, have yielded surprisingly contradictory results. In order to investigate the relationship of necrosis, hypoxia, nitroreductase activity and cellular respiration in human(More)
Recently we reported the variable presence of hypoxia adjacent to necrosis in human glioma lines grown as subcutaneous tumours in severe combined immunodeficient (SCID) mice. To assess the basis for this observation, we examined the pattern of oxygenation in M006 and M006XLo glioma spheroids. We found a wide range of binding of [3H]misonidazole to cells(More)
We recently showed that severe hypoxia was not universally present adjacent to necrosis in human glioma xenografts and spheroids established from the M059K, M006, M006X, M006XLo and M010b cell lines. Using these glioma models, we wished to test whether oxygen serves as a regulator of cellular VEGF expression in situ. In situ hybridization (ISH) and(More)
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