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Four neonatal deaths in one family were due to X-linked myotubular myopathy. The characteristic alterations in muscle, described in three cases, are marked fiber hypotrophy, size variability, and the presence of internal nuclei or pale areas. The diagnosis can be verified only by obtaining a careful genetic history. Previous occurrence of male neonatal(More)
Symmetrical infantile thalamic degeneration with mineralisation is an extremely rare condition, the aetiology of which is unknown. Birth injury and toxic or infectious agents are speculative causes.' 2 The disorder, which is associated with severe neurological impairment and early death, occurs sporadically and has not been reported to have an appreciable(More)
Endosalpingiosis is defined as ectopic tubal epithelium and is considered homologous with endometriosis. In its usual form, the lesion is asymptomatic and has no serious prognostic associations. Recognition of endosalpingiosis, however, is important in avoiding overdiagnosis of disseminated lesions. The possibility of carcinoma--usually serous--arising(More)
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