B. G. Shulitski

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The results of complex investigations of the crystalline structure, composition and specific magnetization of the multi-wall carbon nanotubes (CNTs) filled by magnetic nanocomposite are performed. CNT arrays have been synthesized by the high temperature pyrolysis of fluid hydrocarbon p-xylole [ 8 10] in the presence of volatile catalyst ferrocene(More)
Few-wall carbon nanotubes were synthesized by methane/acetylene decomposition over bimetallic Fe-Mo catalyst with MgO (1:8:40) support at the temperature of 900°C. No calcinations and reduction pretreatments were applied to the catalytic powder. The transmission electron microscopy investigation showed that the synthesized carbon nanotubes [CNTs] have high(More)
Femtosecond lasers (FSL) are playing an increasingly important role in materials research, characterization, and modification. Due to an extremely short pulse width, interactions of FSL irradiation with solid surfaces attract special interest, and a number of unusual phenomena resulted in the formation of new materials are expected. Here, we report on a new(More)
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